Sony announced its magic-focused "Hand of Fate" DLC for DC Universe Online last month, declaring the heroic Doctor Fate and evil Felix Faust the opposing forces fueling a new group of missions called Operations, 60 new side missions and utility belt attachments. What wasn't made so clear was what gameplay would be like for these two sorcerers in DCUO's Legends PVP mode. In a new DCUO Unmasked video segment, creative director Jens Andersen and systems designer David Stricker gives players a look at how these two characters will battle, noting an emphasis on their ability to summon magical minions and control their battlefields with status-altering powers. According to Stricker, Faust is a more offense-focused villain while Fate's strength's skew more defensive. That all said, each character seems decidedly powerful across the board, with hand blasting abilities aplenty. You can check out the new gameplay footage, along with a selection of stills from DCUO's upcoming "Hand of Fate" DLC after the cut.

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