As revealed in the startlingly awesome six-minute trailer that debuted a few months back, Lex Luthor is the unlikely protagonist of "DC Universe Online." In honor of the evil (and very bald) genius, Sony Online Entertainment has released a huge number of screenshots depicting Luthor making with his trademark menacing mecha action. "DC Universe Online's" MMORPG modus operandi sees the traditionally evil Luthor finally defeat Superman and the other superheroes of Earth. In an epic self-pwning, our planet was subsequently invaded by Brainiac's hostile alien forces that Luthor could never hope to defeat on his own. Desperate to undo his nefarious victory, Lex traveled back in time to convince Superman and the Justice League to work with him to save Earth from the future he ruined.

Judging from the recently released screenshots showing off Luthor at odds with Superman, it doesn't appear that present-day Lex has changed his tune just yet. His future self certainly has the advantage of hindsight, but young Luthor seems like he'll be a thorn in the side of players who follow a heroic path (and possibly a huge asset to those who go bad).

Beta-less fans won't know the true Luthor until the game hits on November 2, but closer examination of the newly-released screen shots ought to fuel at least a little fun speculation about the bald man's role in Geoff Johns' full DCUO narrative.

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