Sony's "DC Universe Online" may not be rolling out until 2011, but having recently taken the game for a spin ourselves, we're still riding high on the title's continued previews and upcoming foes to battle. The latest images from the game, for example. show off all kinds of punchable baddies including an OMAC, mummies, Superman antagonist Parasite and... well, some kind of freaky-looking Parasite babies?The new screen shots are pretty diverse and seem to display a number of different missions packed with appropriately diverse environments and villains. There's a tech character squaring off against robotic baddies, a mystic character taking on an OMAC and Parasite and a bruiser bashing on mummies.

Each battle is complimented by pretty eye-pleasing backdrops as well, but the most ominous nod in this series of images may be the Ace Chemicals processing plant, better known as the birthplace of the Joker.

Give the new enemies and environments of DCUO a look below.

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