Today at the New York Comic Con, DC Comics Executive Story Editor Ian Sattler joined creators J. Michael Straczynski, Paul Levitz, James Robinson, J.T. Krul Shane Davis, Gail Simone, Peter J. Tomasi, Tony Bedard, Kevin Maguire and Nick Spencer on stage for a very lively discussion regarding future DC Universe projects.

After the jump: More on Nick Spencer, "Weird Worlds," an accidental announcement of a new Hawkman project from James Robinson, and loads of artwork.On JAMES ROBINSON'S NEW PROJECT: Ian Sattler said Robinson could announce his new project. Robinson started talking about Hawkman before Sattler freaked out, since he apparently meant a Congorilla one-shot. So: Hawkman by James Robinson is coming up.

On "SUPERMAN" AND "WONDER WOMAN": J. Michael Straczynski is planning a crossover between the two titles, and Straczynski teased readers by saying that Diana being able to walk past Cerberus at the end was a clue regarding her situation.

On "BATMAN AND ROBIN": Tomasi's looking forward to working on the book with Patrick Gleason, who he calls "one of the most underrated artists in the business." He says it's a big act to follow Grant Morrison and his roster of artists. James Robison asked which Batman was in the series, and Sattler tried to hush up the answer until it came out that it was Dick Grayson, which was actually something announced almost a month go.

On "BIRDS OF PREY": Simone said "Birds of Prey" #8 has her "favorite Huntress scene ever," and after that it's the "Death of Oracle" arc which she calls a "gamechanger." There will also be a Huntress/Catman date issue where the "fur will fly."

On "LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES": Coming up after issue #6, a Web site will be set up where fans will be able to vote for the next leader of the team, as in Paul Levitz's original run. Additionally, Phil Jimenez will be coming onto "Adventure Comics," which will become a book starring the Legion Academy, after the upcoming arc about the new Green Lantern of Sector 2614.

On "SUPERGIRL" AND "JIMMY OLSEN" FEATURES: Nick Spencer is working on both of these projects. Spencer said he read every issue of the old "Jimmy Olsen" comic to prepare for writing a story about Superman's pal and joked that he "did some serious drugs" when writing the character. Supergirl will be facing a new villain coming out of Johns' and Manapul's "Adventure Comics" run, and his first arc will feature a number of guest stars, including Batgirl, Damian Wayne, Ms. Martian, Blue Beetle and Static.

On "GREEN ARROW": J.T. Krul said he loves writing such a "complex, flawed character" and that Green Arrow the type of character he gravitates towards. Issue #7 will be an epilogue to the current arc with art by Mike Mayhew that delves into Ollie's past. Then we'll see an arc exploring the mystery of Black Arrow, who Krul said is a great new nemesis for the hero.

On "JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA": Following issue #50, "Dark Supergirl" will be on the team for a bit, and after that we'll see a "Shadow War" arc featuring Obsidian that serves as a sequel to the "Dark Things" arc featuring Eclipso. Robinson also pointed out that "JLA" #50 would have a full 46 pages of story.

On "SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE": It's about Clark Kent, age 21, having to decide whether he'll use his powers to become a scientist or athlete or become Superman, and something happens to place him on that path. Additionally, Krypton's destruction was a "huge hit job." James Olsen will be a totally new take, since Straczynski worked in a newsroom for a while and worked with photographers. "They were all batsh*t," the writer said.

On "WEIRD WORLDS": Three stories: Aaron Lopresti's Garbage Man, a Lobo story by an unnamed creator, and a new character written and drawn by Kevin Maguire called TONGA, who he said has "the power of the Silver Surfer and the personality of Sarah Silverman." The cartoonist seemed very excited about the project and said he could write and draw it for the rest of his career.

On THE NEXT BIG DCU EVENT: "Flashpoint".


On HOW CLOSELY TOMASI'S "BATMAN AND ROBIN" WILL TIE INTO "BATMAN, INC.": Bruce's return will have reverberations across all of the books, but things are still in flux so he couldn't get into it too much.

On "SECRET SIX": Not everyone is going to leave Skartaris in the current arc. Simone revealed a crossover with "Action Comics" is coming up as well as a story with another big team that she's excited to crossover with.

On OBSIDIAN JOKING HE WAS CURED OF BEING GAY IN "JSA": A fan asked Robinson about this, and he was quick to point out that Bill Willingham wrote the scene, not him, and that he made a point of having Alan Scott express his happiness that his son has love in his life.

On THE JUSTICE SOCIETY INFINITY OF EARTH-2: No plans for them anytime soon.

On THE MULTIVERSE: It'll play a role in the upcoming "Justice League" arc. Beyond that, DC is waiting on Grant Morrison's "Multiversity."

On MORE LGBT CHARACTERS: DC wants to expand its roster of LGBT characters and "solidify" existing ones, such as Batwoman and Obsidian.

On YOUNG JUSTICE CHARACTERS: J.T. Krul expressed interest in using Arrowette, Empress, Secret and friends in "Teen Titans" at some point in the future.

On WHETHER BATMAN COULD KICK IRON MAN'S ASS: Sattler: "Batman could kick anybody's ass." Levitz: "I just had him fight Brainiac 5. Computers aren't sh*t next to Batman."

On ARSENAL AND DEAD CATS: When asked if we'd see Arsenal vs. Dex-Starr, Sattler pointed out that in "Rise of Arsenal," Roy did not actually use the dead cat as a weapon.

On REX THE WONDER DOG: We'll see him in Robinson's "Congorilla" one-shot.

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