The darkness cast by Geoff Johns' "Blackest Night" event may still have a few good months left in it before reaching its conclusion, but DC's confident enough in its heroes to announce a much lighter tomorrow already.

"Brightest Day" is set to launch in April as a biweekly, 26-issue series helmed by "Green Lantern" and "Green Lantern Corps" writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi starting with issue #0, which will be illustrated by Fernando Pasarin.

Just as "Blackest Night's" tone shaped the wider DCU, so too is "Brightest Day" expected to transform a universe.

So far two projects, along with a BD teaser image have popped up at DC's The Source blog. The Source's Alex Segura has kept a progressive interview with DC's Dan DiDio running through each announcement, with one more piece of news expected later today.

Update: Recently acquired DC exclusive David Finch has been announced as the cover artist for the entire series.

Here's the skinny on the rest of the day's announcements:

Brightest Day: The Flash: Johns and artist Franis Manapul will launch their new Flash series under the "Brightest Day" banner in April. The book will focus on reestablishing Barry Allen as DC's premier speedster in a way comparable to Hal Jordan's reintroduction to the DCU a few years back.

Brightest Day: Titans: After completing their "Titans: Villains For Hire Special," Eric Wallace and Fabrizio Fiorentino will come on board for a series that puts Deathstroke, Cheshire and the unpredictable Tattooed Man in charge of the normally noble team. If it sounds like a strange combination, it's because it is, and is said to have a major impact on the DCU this year.

Brightest Day: Justice League of America: Starting with April's "Justice League of America" #44, the JLA will also operate under the BD banner. The team's lineup is under wraps, but the cover image could be telling considering its seeming crossover with the JLA All-Stars.

The event's optimism is already drawing a few comparisons to what Marvel's calling its "Heroic Age" scheduled to start after "Siege" wraps. Whether the year will shine as brightly as is being promised is something fans will have to wait to discover. I remember a lot of similar messages from DC that floated through fandom in the wake of "Infinite Crisis'" transition into "One Year Later." Whatever shakes down, the implications of a White Lantern Corps are intriguing enough to wait for.