In a move that should please "done in one" fans, DC Comics announced today that a new line of self-contained original graphic novels would arrive in stores in 2010.

"Starting next year, DC Comics will unveil 'Superman: Earth One' and 'Batman: Earth One,' two graphic novels spotlighting the most powerful heroes of the DC Universe, with their first years and earliest moments retold in a standalone, original graphic novel format, on a new earth with an all-new continuity."

"Superman: Earth One" is coming your way courtesy of J. Michael Straczynski and artist Shane Davis, while "Batman: Earth One" features the creative team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank.

It's a pretty sound concept for a lot of fans (although the "Earth One" label might confound the multiverse-inclined, it won't likely matter to the potentially new target audience) and I'm personally pleased to see some chutzpah behind skipping single issues and going straight for the jugular (so-to-speak) by behaving a little more like Vertigo and releasing full trades right out of the gate.

Although Johns has written his share of Batman appearances, I must admit, I had to triple check the creator info on the books to make sure they hadn't been accidentally swapped. I really expected the teams to be the reverse of what's listed, but the rosters seem even more exciting now. Also: Batman without black briefs on the outside? Weird, but strangely logical.

We'll see how it shakes out in 2010, but I, for one welcome this tactic.

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