While the status of producer David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman television series remains uncertain, DC Entertainment and parent company Warner Bros. are proceeding with development of another DC Comics heroine, one who's far less famous: Raven. The longtime member of the Teen Titans (and later the grown-up Titans) is the star of a script that's been ordered by the CW network from Diego Gutierrez, known for his work on V and Without a Trace. Created by Marv Wolfman and George Peréz, Raven, an empathic half-demon, is easily the most enigmatic of the Titans roster and not an obvious choice to carry her own television series. Indeed, the character has never enjoyed her own comic book series, unless you count 2008's five-issue Teen Titans Spotlight: Raven by Wolfman and Damion Scott & Robert Campanella. But according to Variety, Warner Bros. is eager to set up some DC-themed superhero show to replace the outgoing Smallville, especially because Kelley's Wonder Woman project appears to be in limbo and the CW's last superhero project The Graysons-- about a pre-Batman Dick Grayson -- was mercifully aborted.

Some of Raven's fellow Teen Titans appear in the recently debuted Young Justice, freeing the spooky heroine up for some solo adventures without connections to existing or otherwise in-progress Warner Bros./DC film or television franchises. But if the show can't be called That's So Raven, we honestly have to ask, why bother?

Raven previously appeared on Kids' WB's Teen Titans animated series.

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