Just as China's role on the world stage has rapidly expanded in recent years through events like last summer's Olympic games and its massive industrial output and economic influence, Chinese super-people have also made their way into mainstream comic book universes.

While Marvel's Radioactive Man (Ed. Note: NOT the Simpsons hero) has bounced between the Thunderbolts and China's The People's Defense Force (who were "Alpha Flighted" in a nasty defeat in the recent "Mighty Avengers" #27), DC Comics has cultivated a somewhat more stable team in "The Great Ten."

DC's The Source has preview images from the upcoming (and appropriately numbered) 10-issue series written by Tony Bedard with art by Scott McDaniel and covers by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau.

The team's initial appearance in the pages of DC's "52" event may paint the team in a somewhat political light, but the new series looks like it will expose the members' heroism in a way that addresses the communist rule they operate under when the team is pitted against the gods of Ancient China.

Fans can find out more when the series debuts this November.

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