The Chinese novel series-turned-graphic novel "Daomu" is coming to America this December care of Image Comics and Concept Art House and it is going to confuse "Tomb Raider" fans so, so much.

Actually, it probably won't at all. You see, according to an official press release, "Daomu" translates to "tomb raider," and the series' tomb raiders are an ancient order of seeming demon slayers - not Lara Croft in all of her exploring glory. Essentially, "Daomu" seems to blend Tite Kubo's "Bleach" with the CW's "Supernatural," as a young man who witnesses his father's murder at the hands of a monster struggles to embrace his identity as the next in line to war against underground (and I'm presuming monsterish) menaces culled at least in part from Chinese folklore.

The book's digital art style looks pretty slick and the coloring is certainly vibrant, which helps explain why it's reportedly been such a hit in China. It should be interesting to see how a Chinese import fares with American readers when the series kicks off with "Daomu" #1 this winter.

See a few early interior pages from the series after the jump.

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