Art: Mondo's 20" x 29" "The Batcave" print (limited to 500) by artist JC Richard will go on sale on Thursday for $50. [Mondo]

Movies: Chinese audiences apparently prefer The Amazing Spider-Man to The Dark Knight Rises, with Spidey opening to $5.5 million as opposed to Batman's $4.5 last weekend. [ICv2]

Movies: An alternate opening sequence for The Avengers movie centering around a Maria Hill flashback got ditched for being too dark. [Yahoo]

Digital: Johnny Ryan's Prison Pit Vol. 1 is now available digitally on ComiXology. [FLOG]

Gaming: The Chinese online game called The Legend of Shengdao features a number of unauthorized-ly familiar faces from other titles, including an Iron Man lookalike known as "Gore Fiend." [Kotaku]

Art: DA user samoubica mashes up The Avengers with My Neighbor Totoro. I would love to see a Helicarrier Catbus at some point if they're up to the task. [Neatorama]

Video: Zubatman explores what Bruce Wayne's life may have amounted to if he'd have been born and raised in the Kanto region. [Terminal Montage]

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