DC Comics' flagship heroes may be coming up on 700 issues, but Marvel's most merry mercenary isn't about to let a little thing like reality stop him from retaining the highest mainstream comics count. This August, Deadpool celebrates his 1000th issue (sort of) and Marvel's sparing no expense to help the anti-hero ring in the occasion.

With a creative team that boasts Dave Johnson (see cover below), Peter Bagge, Howard Chaykin, Christopher Giarrusso, Adam Glass, David Lapham, Rick Remender, Fred Van Lente, Rob Williams, Philip Bond, Paco Medina, Jerome Opena and Franciso Velasco, "Deadpool" #1000 will reportedly pack in appearances from friends, foes and fans old and new.

Marvel's official synopsis sums the issue up thusly:

Has it really been 100 issues since Deadpool #900? Who cares! Some of comics' top creators take aim at the Merc with a Mouth in this massive 104-page special that pits the Deadpool against a cavalcade of baddies – including urban cannibals...underage hit men...mimes from outer space...and Lady Luck herself.

Check out select pages from the massive special after the jump.