Everyone loves comic book trivia, but with 75 years of superhero comics behind us right now, there’s always some new obscure fact to learn. That’s why ComicsAlliance is going deep into the minutiae of your favorite characters in our new video series. You think you know comics? Well here’s a few things you might not know!

With Deadpool's recent totally for-real perma-death having just come to pass, this week we're taking a closer look at the Merc With a Mouth, Canada's second most famous science experiment. Find out just what the words "dead" and "pool" mean in conjunction with each other, in what regard Deadpool is one notch better than Spider-Man, and which nonsense swear word inspired a delicious dinnertime treat, as well as several other equally interesting facts.

Show notes:

Watch more installments of You Think You Know Comics? below and let us know what comic book characters we should cover next.

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