The Merc with the Mouth isn't normally one to blush, but he usually has at least a little bit of color to him. That's not exactly the case with his latest action figure incarnation, which is currently sporting a decidedly grey demeanor.

Marvelous News has the first look at Marvel Select's upcoming Deadpool action figure, the first time that Wade Wilson has been immortalized in the seven-inch toy line. While photos of the figure are pretty barren at the moment - the available image depicts a colorless prototype, after all - the newsflash states that Deadpool is coming equipped with "a ton of accessories (weapons, lots of weapons)."

Additionally, expect to be on the look out for a maskless chase variant edition of Deadpool. Just don't barf all over the packaging when you see his ugly mug.

I have to say, the sculpt is a little bland for my tastes. Obviously there is plenty of work still ahead - a coloring job, for one - but hopefully the accessories provide some of that much needed Wade Wilson flavor. The inclusion of a talking zombie Deadpool head would be a nice start, don't you think?

Deadpool needs some color in his life!

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