Following the April 4 opening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum will have toys at the ready in both 2 and 7" scales. Yeah, there's plenty of Cap to be had, but the most important thing to glean from all this is that there's going to be a Batroc the Leaper minimate.

The Minimate two-packs will pair Stealth Uniform Captain America with Brock Rumlow, Classic Captain America with The Winter Soldier, Black Widow with Falcon, and Agent Sitwell with Batroc (the Leaper). All of the two-packs will be available for around $9-10 in May, with Entertainment Earth and other sites offering a full set of all 8 figures for $30.

Though Batroc's had his share of action figures, this movie version of the character marks the fist leaping Minimate. Same thing goes for Agent Sitwell, who has a name that's surprisingly ironic when contrasted to Batroc's. One sits well, the other leaps well. Man, that should be a buddy cop action movie...

As for the Marvel Select figure, it'll be available in June for around $22-25, along with a Falcon figure (which still hasn't been fully revealed. Those seeking a Winter Soldier toy to display with them may have to wait for a proper movie version of the character in the Marvel Select line, but in the meantime a comic book version is already available.

You can take a look at the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie toys from Diamond Select and Art Asylum below.


Captain America The Winter Soldier Minimates
Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum
Captain America The Winter Soldier Marvel Select
Diamond Select Toys


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