There are a few indisputable truths in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the ultimate lesson is that Nick Fury ain't nothing to f--- with. The dude is practically invincible, and he doesn't have a suit of armor or special secret sauce giving him powers either. He's also Samuel L. Jackson, which in and of itself brings a sort unbreakable spirit to the character. Though Jackson himself owes more than a tiny bit of his success as the leader of SHIELD to Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, the real deal himself has been impressive in his own right.

About the only thing that's been lacking has been an equal distribution of Nick Fury action figures. While there have been a few in smaller scales based on his appearances in the recent films, Hot Toys has only released one Nick Fury sixth-scale figure to date based on his role in The Avengers. It was a decent figure, but lacked a truly special likeness. Where nearly every other Avenger has seen more than a few different figures since the start of the MCU with Iron Man, Nick's only just getting his second figure now. The good thing is, it's a beauty.

This is a figure that will put the fear of Sam Jackson into you, and that's a good thing. Hot Toys has had a penchant for good likenesses, but even the sculptors there aren't always on point 100% of the time. This Nick Fury puts the previous to shame, and bears such an uncannily resemblance to the actor himself, it's scary. Even the best of Hot Toys' Avengers so far have all been just off enough that they still look like toys, but Nick Fury here is almost indistinguishable from his real-life counterpart.

Now, Fury doesn't have the most ostentatious outfit, and his black slacks, turtle neck and coat are obviously plain. They still look good and well-tailored though. He comes with a cell phone and the USB files Natasha stole from the ship at the open of the film, as well as a pistol. In keeping with his appearance in The Winter Soldier, Fury will also come with a removable sling should you want to pose him in his injured state, and a removable eye patch to show off his damaged left eye. Even with other hands, it's still fairly bare bones compared to the original Avengers piece, but the improved likeness more than makes up for that fact. That is, as long as the price isn't too high compared to the rest of the MCU figures.

No release date or pricing information is available as of yet, but we'll update this post when Sideshow Collectibles has the details.

UPDATE: You now pre-order Nick Fury for $219.99 at Sideshow, and it's expected to arrive in Q2-Q3 2016.


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