This week's Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong event is barely underway, but Hot Toys has already announced a handful of new and eagerly awaited figures in its sixth-scale Marvel line. The company's had an incredibly busy year with both the Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe making up the bulk of Hot Toys' new figures. While the majority of the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast has already been shown numerous times, the ACGHK marked the debut of Quicksilver, and for the first time, an all-new Nick Fury based on his appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Neither of those reveals was as important however as the update to Guardians of the Galaxy's Drax the Destroyer. Drax has been MIA from any official release schedules, unlike the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. As the last member of the crew to be formally announced, fans had been plastering Hot Toys' social media pages with pictures of an earlier prototype, hoping against hope that eventually Hot Toys would actually have news on the character's figure instead of another new Iron Man armor to hype. Today, those dreams came true.

The new Drax is a massive improvement over the original version shown all those months ago. The skin is darker, but most importantly, the face looks legitimately like Dave Bautista and not like his lazier brother, Doughnut Bautista. As the character himself is a bit of a minimalist, there aren't a lot of accessories included beyond a few new types of hands and his signature knives. The detailing on the massive body tattoo really look great through, so it's not all that bothersome in this case that there isn't much to work with in the extras department. Some might be bothered by the visible articulation, but a softskin overlay like Gamora got probably wouldn't look great with all those tats. Hopefully his appearance at this show means we won't have to wait much longer for an official release date.

Quicksilver actually looks a lot like Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and is one of the better portraits we've seen in prototype form from Hot Toys as of late. I really love the hair sculpt, and his expression shows how annoyed the character is that he must acknowledge your existence. The clothing looks great, and for a character that is so plain, the tailoring here makes the figure look like more than a generic dude in clothes. I'm curious to see what kind of accessories he'll come with, if any, but at least they managed to get those Adidas sneakers in there.

We've needed an update on Nick Fury for a few years now, as his Avengers figure was merely okay. The face sculpt was not 100% and he's been in enough movies since that it made sense to bring him back into the fold somewhere. Hot Toys chose the Winter Soldier version for its second Fury, and while having a limp-armed Fury isn't exactly optimal for posing (there's no word on articulation, so I'm just going on the display), the rest of the figure's detail should make fans happy. That's particularly true of the removable eye patch which lifts to reveal the damaged eye beneath, as you might recall from the end of Winter Soldier. Few other details about the figure are available at the moment, as the limited photos (courtesy of NonSoloHobby via ToyArk) haven't shown any weaponry or gadgets like the flare/torch thingy.

Like Drax, we hope that the reveals of Quicksilver and Nick Fury mean we'll be seeing release dates and pricing soon. We'll be keeping any eye out for more developments from ACGHK and Hot Toys while the convention continues over the next few days, too.


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