Deadpool is already the star of a shocking amount of comic books - including one that features four brand new variations on the character - and you're only bound to see more of him as production ramps up on the planned film adaptation.

But even before all of that, there's already an all-new version of Deadpool coming your way in a few months as Wade Wilson helps Diamond Select kick off an all-new line of toys called "Marvel Ultimate Quarter-Scale." Available in September, this new Deadpool figure stands at a walloping 19 inches and comes equipped with an authentic cloth costume and tons of weapons, including a sword and a handgun. Unlike other "Ultimate Quarter-Scale" figures, Deadpool does not come with a sound chip - something of a wasted opportunity given the fact that the Merc with a Mouth's finest attribute is, well, his mouth. That aside, this newest Deadpool looks like a pretty fun toy, if you're willing to shell out the $49.99 it costs to own one.

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Source: Marvelous News