When Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum released artwork for the upcoming 50th Marvel Minimates series a few months back, I think I sprayed a mouthful of coffee on my laptop and shouted "Cyborg Spider-Man!" with stupid grin on my face. I've been working on impulse control since then, so this week's release of proper images of the line's seven figures only made me dance around a little bit. Folks who didn't fall in love with comics circa 1996 may disagree, but I'm pretty stoked by the fan-picked Cyborg Spider-Man/Songbird, Ghost Rider/Onslaught, Baron Zemo II/Nova Corps Centurion, and variant Baron Zemo I/Nova Corps Centurion two-packs. I'd still like to see some of the figures that didn't make the cut in later lines (Shocker, for one, would be welcome on my desk), but this is a mix that speaks directly to my formative Marvel reading years. You can get a closer look at Marvel Minimates series 50 after the cut to see what you think.

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[Via Marvel]

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