Rob Liefeld fans have even more reason to be excited about the upcoming Deadpool video game than they may have initially thought, with the revelation that another of the creator's signature Marvel characters will be showing up to co-star in the game. Hint: He's a time-traveling cyborg with a glowing eye and bad attitude.

Liefeld excitedly shared the news -- via scans of Xbox Online Magazine -- on his site, describing it as "very exciting," and adding that Cable may not be the only X-Force veteran to appear in the game:

Another of my creations, Domino, debuted in my first issue of as writer of New Mutants #98. Word is that she'll be appearing in the Deadpool video game adding even more kick for your buck!

Also appearing, according to the Xbox Online scans, is Death - or, at least the Marvel Comics incarnation of the character, complete with a "re-imagined appearance" that allows for form-fitting (and cleavage-revealing) clothing to appeal to the target audience more than the traditional purple robes that Thanos seems to prefer.

The game - which is being developed by High Moon Studios for Activation - was originally announced at San Diego Comic-Con last year:

Deadpool scheduled for release at some point this year.

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