Whether you recognize Dean Trippe from his web-published comic "Butterfly" or his role as a founder of Project Rooftop, you know that he's got a crisp style to his artwork that goes down like Kool-Aid over Silver Age Superman comics (while reading them, not spilled on them). His portfolio of projects, pinups and sketches happens to capture that same essence of cool.

"Spacetime's Finest," for example, isn't a real comic book, but it could be your new favorite team-up series that isn't on the market. Trippe's cover premises for Batman/Doctor Who and Batman/Powerpuff Girls issues appear over on his splendiddeviantART account, and prints are available via Trippe's Etsy shop.

Whenever you spot Trippe in an Artists Alley somewhere, his shoulder is usually worth glancing over, as you're likely to spot images like the Mary Marvel, Doctor and Damian Wayne pieces he's posted. Have a look below and proceed to grapple with your urge find his next convention appearance and ask him for some art.

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