When Marvel Comics resumed normal publishing with the All-New, All-Different initiative in the wake of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic's Secret Wars, the timeline had jumped eight months ahead to a world where the Terrigen Bomb had made Inhumans more prominent than ever, but had begun killing off mutants, forcing the X-Men to retreat to Limbo.

We knew something went down between the mutants and the Inhumans, and we know that Cyclops did something that took him off the board, but we don't yet know the full details of what happened in that eight month gap. That's about to change as this October Extraordinary X-Men writer Jeff Lemire and Uncanny Inhumans writer Charles Soule team up to tell that story in Death of X.

Announced today at Entertainment WeeklyDeath of X will be set primarily in the eight month gap between Secret Wars and All-New, All-Different Marvel, and focuses on the relationship between the X-Men and the Inhumans as the substance that grants the latter their amazing powers turns out to be toxic to the former. The event will also answer the burning question of what happened to the adult Scott Summers, who has been missing in action for nearly a year.

In the interview with EW, the writers are very coy about the meaning of the title Death of X, but contrary to your local conspiracy theorist, it's unlikely Marvel is putting an end to the franchise as a whole. Death of X will be a four issue miniseries with two issues released in October and a final two released a month later in November. No artists were named for the series.


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