Described by artist Chuck BB (Black Metal) as "...sort of Ivan Brandon's and my homage to straight up, balls-out eighties action movies like Predator, Commando and Rambo," Deathface is one of several comics projects coming up this year from Offset Comics. In my interview with him at New York Comic Con last year, Brandon (Viking, NYC Mech) pitched Offset as a comics "lab" whose mission is "to discard logistical motivation" of the existing comics apparatus -- "pages are 6.875 inches by 10.437 inches based on bulk paper costs... Margins and trims are determined by the potential for printer error... Comics are expressed in eight-page increments, and so on" -- and be "100% creatively motivated."

Offset projects also include Double Cross by Daniel Krall and Destroyer by Ivan Brandon and Eric Canete, but the vengeance-themed Deathface would seem to be the first project out the gate. Specific release dates and format details are forthcoming, but you can get a better look at Deathface in the video below.

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