If you thought all Captain America had been up to between getting thawed out of a block of ice and teaming up with Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye in The Avengers movie was destroying punching bags, you'll be happy to know that a newly-revealed bonus scene sees Steve Rogers actually leave the gym. Debuted online by Latino Review, the new clip joins a host of previously unseen footage (including a much moodier opening centered around Maria Hill) set to appear on The Avengers DVD/Blu-ray when it drops on September 25. In the scene, Steve broods over some S.H.I.E.L.D. files, shows off his sketching skills and even runs into a familiar waitress from the film. Stan Lee also has a cameo, which is arguably more digestible than the one that wound up in the final cut of the movie. See what you think of the deleted scene from The Avengers after the jump.

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