While headbanging and making devil horns isn't as common in comics as, say, spandex, Dark Horse Comics has been working to bring the world of metal music into sequential art with books like last summer's "Goon vs. Dethklok," where the fictional metal band from Adult Swim's "Metalocalypse" met up with Eric Powell's paranormal tough guy.

Dark Horse will be publishing another "Dethklok" comic in 2010, and the real-life version of the band even kicked off an ongoing tour with Mastodon in DH's home of Portland, Ore.

The company connection to metal doesn't stop with "Metalocalypse," either; four Dark Horse employees have their own metal band, The Tiger and the Scorpion, which tours each summer in Germany, and there are countless other metal fans among Dark Horse's creators and employees.

Several, including "Umbrella Academy" creator (and My Chemical Romance frontman) Gerard Way and "Goon" creator Eric Powell, were even kind enough to tell CA a little bit about their 5 favorite metal bands:

Gerard Way
Creator of "The Umbrella Academy" and Lead Singer of My Chemical Romance

1. Iron Maiden
2. Judas Priest
3. Black Sabbath
4. Helloween
5. At the Gate

Eric Powell –
Creator of "The Goon" and "Chimichanga"

"I had different answers for #3 and #5, but Slayer was playing and they peed their pants and ran home."

1. Slayer
2. Black Sabbath (Ozzie version)
3. Slayer
4. Iron Maiden
5. Slayer

Tara McPherson
Rock Poster Artist turned International Sensation

"There's too many, so I have to do two sections!"

New School

1. Neurosis
2. Melvins
3. Enslaved
4. Mastodon
5. High On Fire

Old School

1. King Diamond
2. Iron Maiden
3. Black Sabbath
4. Kreator
5. AC/DC

Chris Korvatin
Author of "Venomous" (adapted into "Deadlocke" by Arvid Nelson)

1. Slayer
2. White Zombie
3. Motörhead
4. Celtic Frost
5. Cannibal Corpse

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