With the exception of Thor, who is an actual Norse god known for beating giants to death with a hammer, I think it's safe to say that Batman is the most metal superhero of all time. Yes, Iron Man has that one song and that's very good, but Batman reacted to seeing an actual murder in front of his eyes by learning karate, living in a cave and punching out a clown. If that's not metal, then friends, I don't know what is.

As a result, a video by YouTube's ArhyBES that mashes up the Dark Knight with the dark metal of Dethklok, the fictional band in Adult Swim's Metalocalypse, is oddly appropriate, even if it has slightly more F-bombs than you usually hear from the Caped Crusader.

Even though there are a few references to comics and movies thrown in there -- I specifically like the idea of Batman being hell-bent on finding a way to make Aquaman drown, for obvious reasons -- the major look for the video seems to come from the Arkham games, which is pretty much perfect. There's something natural about combining the studiously over-the-top, intentionally ridiculous metal of Dethklok with the kitchen sink aesthetic of the Arkham games, which are so bonkers that it's hard to figure out if they're intentionally ridiculous or just that far gone. I mean, the Penguin's monocle is the bottom of a beer bottle that's been jammed into his face. You can't really top that without just going full Warhammer and covering every available surface in skulls.

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