The Internet may be responsible for forcing magazines into what's increasingly becoming a niche market, but there will always be content worth picking up on paper. Case in point: The latest issue Royal Flush Magazine from EIC Josh Bernstein, which is more or less a calzone of comic and art culture goodness (or if you don't like calzones, go with "sandwich of sequential art satisfaction").

As something of a gentleman's mag -- with the dead-eyed stares of airbrushed models replaced by a gorgeous NSFW Brian Ewing calendar and a nude illo by Paul Pope -- Royal Flush's "The Greatest Generation" features will appeal mostly to those who admire eternal Playboy Hugh Hefner and his ilk, but there's also tons of content for the comics crowd, including...

(make the jump faithful readers)

• The "Ethnic Super Friends": Apache Chief, Samurai, Black Vulcan, & El Dorado are inducted into Royal Flush Hall of Fame.

World's Finest: An exclusive look into the little-known friendship between the Marvel Universe comics visionary Jack "King" Kirby and iconoclastic rock freaknik Frank Zappa, as told by Ahmet Zappa. Boasting a deliciously cosmic illustration of "Frank Zappa as one of Jack Kirby's New Gods" by Rick Veitch.

• Another egregiously offensive installment of the world's most politically incorrect comic, "Hispanic Batman Y Roberto" in which they visit Hugh Hefner in the Mansion and give him a "stern talking to."

• The best tour of 2009 makes its first stop at Flush HQ as Cartoon Network's Dethklok, of the hit series Metalocalypse joins forces with prog masterminds Mastodon, High on Fire and Converge for a multi-media assault on the senses.

The new issue also features punk and metal reviews from the eternally honest Harvey Pekar, whose "S--t, like I really wanna do this..." sentiment can't help but instill a little curiosity as to his feelings regarding contemporary heavy music.

I don't know about you, but I think I need this. Check out these preview pics, especially the Veitch illo of Jack Kirby as a New God:

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