Digital: DC Entertainment has launched an Amazon storefront in conjunction with its deal to sell 100 graphic novels exclusively on the Kindle Fire tablet (for the time being). [Amazon]

Gaming: DC Universe Online reports that its number of users has increased 6 percent a day since going free-to-play on November 1. [DCUO]

Creators: The Kickstarter page for a Harvey Pekar statue at the Cleveland Heights Public Library has raised its goal of $30,000. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Fresh Ink! Online: Blair Butler and special guest Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Criminal) talk Batwoman, Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes, Birds of Prey, Who is Jake Ellis?, Scalped, Legion of Monsters, Penguin, All-New Spider-Man and Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island in this week's Fresh Ink! Online. [FIO]

TV: New promos for this year's Doctor Who Christmas special "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe," bear a clear Narnia homage for the holiday season. [Topless Robot]

Movies: New set photos from The Amazing Spider-Man seem to suggest somebody will get a web wedgie. [SHH]

Video: Japanese Toyota commercials featuring Doraemon? Yes, please. [Super Punch]

Gaming: Chrono Trigger, featuring the character designs of Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, is coming to iOS devices in December. [Joystiq]

Upcoming: Marvel will publish a host of Venom-based variant covers in January, making symbiotes out of even the most unlikely characters. [Marvel]

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