There are a few things that I truly love. One is dinosaurs. The other is cartoonish mayhem. So it should come as no surprise to anybody that I am a huge fan of the 1988 Dinosaurs Attack! card series from Topps. A reworking of the classic Mars Attacks! cards, the set featured time-displaced dinosaurs wrecking everything from pro wrestlers to smarmy businessmen to evil Commies in a gross-out gorefest of Emmerich-ian proportions. As a comics fan, I also knew that Eclipse Comics planned a tie-in miniseries in '88, written by creator Gary Gerani and featuring art by Earl Norem, Herb Trimpe, and George Freeman, though only the first issue ever saw print.

...Until now. Among the news to come out of last month's Wondercon was the announcement that IDW is set to republish - and complete - the original Dinosaurs Attack! comic miniseries as a five-part miniseries this July.Helmed by DA's original creative team, the miniseries will follow the storyline of the old school trading cards, from the accident aboard the science satellite The Prometheus that tears the dinosaurs from the past and plants them firmly in the world of 1988, through their reign of terror as they immediately destroy anything and everything in their way. (PRO TIP: Don't name your science thingy after the guy whose story is the allegory for hubris. It will not end well.)

In IDW's press release, Ira Friedman, Topps Vice President of Licensing, said, "Dinosaurs Attack!s powerful visual style and over-the-top sensibility make it a quintessential Topps property. IDW's ambitious plans to produce comics -- a quarter century after its initial introduction -- is a tribute to the brand's enduring fan appeal. And don't be surprised if you see us announce more exciting new Dinosaurs Attack! projects as we celebrate its 25th birthday!"

I, for one, welcome our new dinosaur overlords and look forward to their dino-reign.

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