Artists (and Photoshoppers) all over the web have been responding to the Marvel/Disney deal by creating bizarre, entertaining amalgams of characters from Disney and Marvel lore. Considering that we've all only known about this for the last 12 hours, color me impressed:

-- Craig Yoe, whom you may remember as the author of that book about the secret S&M art of Superman's co-creator, just launched his new blog with a mash-up of Jack Kirby art and everyone's favorite corporate mouse.

--This is actually a bit old, but a prescient French illustrator named was combining Disney characters and superheroes in strange ways some time ago.

-- A. David Lewis unwisely puts Mjolnir in the hands of Goofy, and reinvents Beauty and the Thing as a romance for the ages.

-- The Bendis Board gives us... Duckdevil.

--From the totally unnecessary things department, Chicago Now imagines the best... hookups between Marvel and Disney characters? Isn't that better left to the slash fiction writers?

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