Deadpool demolished box office records, quickly becoming the biggest X-Men franchise film of all time and the highest-grossing R-rated film. It certainly wasn’t the first successful R-rated action comedy, but in terms of superhero films, Deadpool made a pretty major splash — which has fans wondering if we’ll see more comic book adaptations take the restricted rating route. While Warner Bros. appears to be open to the possibilities, there’s one studio that definitely won’t be taking a similar tack anytime soon…or ever.

Disney chairman Bob Iger addressed the idea during an investor call, where he succinctly offered, “We don’t have any plans to make R-rated Marvel movies.” That’s not really surprising, given the family-friendly appeal of the MCU and its marketing strategy with Disney (toys, etc.).

However, Deadpool’s success has signaled a new avenue of potential for superhero films, but time will tell if studios learn the right lessons from Ryan ReynoldsX-Men-adjacent solo outing. Right: Take more risks. Wrong: R rating = dick jokes, violence and sexuality = profit. WB is planning on releasing an R-rated version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on DVD and Blu-ray, though the studio says this has nothing to do with Deadpool — believable enough given Zack Snyder’s grittier, edgier proclivities, but to suggest that Deadpool had nothing to do with the decision is a bit of a stretch.

Meanwhile, we can also likely expect the studio to release Suicide Squad with an R rating, though that decision was probably made back when David Ayer was hired to helm the super-villain team-up flick.

And while other studios with Marvel properties could release their own R-rated versions of beloved superhero stories, Disney feels pretty comfortable with their continued commitment to reliable PG-13 offerings — and why shouldn’t they, when the MCU formula has proven so immensely successful?

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