Between Civil War, Secret Invasion and, y'know, everything, the Avengers have faced down a pretty grim decade. So could this Wednesday's promotional Avengers ID cards hint at a brighter tomorrow for Marvel's arguably most popular franchise in 2010?

Comicbookresources posted a new "Origins of Siege" preview today, along with promotional artwork for the event's corresponding giveaways on the title's December 30 release date. Among them, Avengers ID cards featuring "Bucky" Captain America and Spider-Woman, two heroes who have been living as outlaws under Norman Osborn and the rest of the Dark Reigners' rule. So maybe "Siege" will turn the tide and these cats can go legit again? Maybe we'll see these heroes back in some kind of Avengersy mansion or tower?

That remains to be seen, but in the meantime schmucks like you and me can beat the New Avengers to the punch and go legit ourselves.

"Siege" writer Brian Michael Bendis has spent a portion of his Twitter day encouraging fans to customize their own Avengers ID cards over at the Jinxworld forums, meaning every fan with Photoshop can take a crack at joining the team - including me.

Man, I would make a terrible Avenger.

CA contributor David Brothers, however, makes a pretty striking Nick Fury, wouldn't you say?