When you get right down to it, there’s something delightfully surreal about watching our generation’s best actors rope themselves to the ceiling and spout metaphysical gibberish at the camera. Doctor Strange may not be my personal favorite superhero movie, but it’s undeniably the one with my favorite cast; Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Mads Mikkelsen would represent an embarrassment of riches for any movie, let alone one focused on time travel and temperamental capes.

And that’s what makes the Doctor Strange blooper reel shared by Nerdist (via SyFy) such a strange thing to watch. With so many of the special effects added on in post-production, we are treated to Cumberbatch fighting against shadows in the hallway or chastising himself for his line readings while suspended five feet off the ground. Meanwhile, Swinton gets to swear her way through a few botched lines of dialogue, proving that even Academy Award-winning actors aren’t immune to a few flubs when you’re discussing a bunch of magical gobbledygook. The only person who doesn’t get into the action is Ejiofor; since I love him dearly, I’ll just assume he didn’t miss a line of dialogue the entire film. He’s a pro.

As the article notes, this blooper reel will be included on the Blu-ray release of Doctor Strange, available at a fine retailer near you on Tuesday, February 28. If you can’t wait that long, you can also grab the digital download of the film on February 14 and revisit all the best magical fight scenes that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer. With production on Avengers: Infinity War now underway, something tells me you won’t want to be out of the Sorcerer Supreme loop when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come a-knockin’.

And if you’ve already seen the film? Well, hey, now’s the perfect time to dive into our spoiler-filled review or to remind yourself of those 25 Doctor Strange rumors that turned out to be false. Only the best for you Marvel fans.

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