Doctor Strange is Marvel’s most visually ambitious movie yet, and it’s no wonder that the IMAX version of the film pulls out even more stops. The IMAX team behind the movie explains how Doctor Strange is the most kaleidoscopically magic Marvel movie yet.

While Doctor Strange may be yet another formulaic superhero origin story at its core, it’s worth going to see in the theater for the visuals alone. And it’s also one of the rare cases where seeing it in IMAX 3D actually enhances the experience, rather than distracts or overwhelms. Most of the film is shot in a standard aspect ratio, but there are moments when Strange enters the Mirrorverse and the picture widens to IMAX ratio, providing a much larger picture and an all-encompassing visual experience.

In the featurette, provided by Collider, executive producer Victoria Alonso describes it as:

It’s almost like you’re enveloped by the image. It’s like the walls disappear and I'm in it.

Stereoscopic supervisor Evan Jacobs explains:

If you go out to any theatre you’re going to see conceivably a very nice presentation and a very nice theatre with leather seats and all that stuff and that’s great, but what they’ve done at IMAX is that they have taken our movie and actually reprocessed it to actually reduce the noise, increase the sharpness and actually enhance the presentation on a shot-by-shot, artist-driven process…We also do additional color grading here, so it’s like taking the movie and turning it up to 11 is really what we’re doing.

Doctor Strange is now playing.