"Community" star, rapper, writer and 1/3 of the "Derrick Comedy" trio Donald Glover could potentially add "superhero" to his resume in the near future - at least, if his fans have their say. After mentioning his affection for his friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, fans have struck up a campaign on Facebook and Twitter calling for the actor to land Sony's cinematic role - or at least get an audition.

Glover spelled out his goal on Twitter, clarifying that he's set to prove himself should the opportunity to don the Webslinger's duds come along:

"Some people are mistaken. I don't want to just be given the role. I want to be able to audition. I truly love Spider-Man."

While Peter Parker's historically been portrayed as white, the character's everyman status (and...y'know...full face mask) make Spider-Man a colorblind hero. Glover's penchant for glasses and expert comedic timing make him as strong a candidate to play the Wall-Crawler as any of the well-gelled actors currently cycling through the rumor mill, meaning talent could trump tradition in Sony's eventual casting decision. The only thing I can see working against Glover is his age. While Tobey Maguire filmed 2002's "Spider-Man" in his mid-20's, Sony seems to want to skew the new Spidey franchise younger "Ultimate Spider-Man" style. Glover could easily pull off a dude in his late teens, but I'm not sure I'd want to see the 26-year-old have to high-school-it-up.

What would you think of Glover as Spider-Man?[Via Twitter @MrDonaldGlover]

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