Kudos to game developer and geek dad Mike Mika, who achieved what few parents can by making the seemingly impossible happen for his three-year-old daughter, a Donkey Kong player who asked the simple question, "How can I play as the girl? I want to save Mario!" Mika and a friend were able to hack the game and replace all the various graphic elements needed to change Pauline from one of Nintendo's best known damsels in distress into a playable heroine. Writing about the project at Wired, Mika said that his daughter did seem to enjoy the game more. "...having a daughter is something special. I get the opportunity to see the world through her eyes. And if this experience has taught me anything, it's that the world could be just a bit more accommodating."

For those of you familiar with this classic game, I warn you that the video below is a f***ing trip -- and I mean that in the best possible sense.

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