Yesterday afternoon DC's The Source blog posted a cryptic image of Superman's "S" emblem dripping with blood beneath nothing more than the headline "Doomsday Will Reign." Fans are already tossing out logical ideas for what the image could mean. is it a reference to the recently announced The Death of Superman digital release? An avant-garde ad for Superman's strawberry preserves? Or is it one of three completely insane choices that only a blogger with an itchy Photoshopping finger would waste time lying about? Let's go with option #3 after the jump!

Doomsday Will Reign (Darkly)
When Superman can't walk back to Metropolis in time to stop an invasion of Durlans, Doomsday steps up to the plate and pops a cap right between the eyes of their Chameleony Queen. The president is so impressed, he offers Doomsday complete control of Checkmate (now called, uh... Doomsdate?) and he gets right to work alongside his cabal of darkly reigning friends. You know the ones. All the top villains. Yeah. YEAH!

Doomsday Will Reign

Poor Doomsday-Man. Dude is getting old, he killed his Doomswife with his radioactive Doomseed and now he's just hugging graves and getting attacked by the Superman Six in a weird police state. The art is super interesting, but this futuristic story is ultimately a downer.
Doomsday Will (Make it) Reign Rain

An unintended typo within the DC offices results in Warner Bros. Records cutting Doomsday's club joint "Make it Reign" feat. Lil Wayne. Unamused, Fat Joe calls up his occasional pal Jimmy Olsen, who in turn uses his signal watch to summon the Man of Steel for help. Temporarily lacking the power to flow after exposure to lyrical rampage-muting saffron Kryptonite, Superman recruits the demon Etrigan and producer Batman to track a sick counter jam and settle the feud. The Demon's old school verses coupled with Supes' Anti-Life shattering hooks are augmented by the Batcomputer's Auto-Tune and mixed down again and again until pseudo-evolution somehow makes it more powerful. Once the hit is cut, it's blasted via Boom Tube at Doomsday, sending him sprawling to the moon where he's ultimately destroyed. Despite the Daily Planet's jarring photographic evidence, middle school students spread a rumor that he just faked his death and is living in Paris.

What do you think the fuss is all about?