By now, you're probably pretty well acquainted with the art of Ryan Dunlavey. From his rather impressive stint with Fred Van Lente on "Action Philosophers," which I should mention got me through Western Civ 2 in college, to his spot-on nerd party art, the way that man has his way with lines should almost be illegal.

As SuperPunch is keen to mention, Dunlavey's Dr. Seuss/comic book mashup covers are a crown jewel in his, well, fairly sizable crown that is full of jewels a.k.a. portfolio.

After spending my teen years shelving Dr. Seuss books in a library, these clever mods are a welcome departure from even Theodore Geisel's beloved illustrations.

Still, I can't help but wonder how different "Oh The Things You'll Destroy!" might be if Red Hulk had made an appearance...

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