Fans have hopefully saved up some serious cred, because for those who have been aiming to get their hands on select props from the criminally underrated Dredd flick, now is the time. For the next two weeks, DNA Films and the Prop Store will be auctioning off a collection of exclusive items from the Dredd movie on ebay (no not the Rob Schneider one).Items include the Lawmaster Motorcycle, Judge Helmets, various hand props, and of course Judge Dredd's complete costume and utility belt. No word yet on if the Lawmaster Motorcycle actually drives and (fingers crossed) actually fires, but we can all dream.

Twenty new items will be added daily for the next 10 working days, giving would-be bidders a chance to review their funds.

This auction sadly won't increase the odds of fans getting to see a proper Dredd movie sequel. Despite decent DVD and Blu-ray sales, the film was a financial disappointment at the box office. Still, for the right price, winning bidders can create their own followup Megacity adventures at home.

[Via Robot 6]

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