I don't want to blow anybody's mind here, but apparently My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the cartoon about talking ponies that bake cupcakes, fight dragons and use unicorn magic to find gemstones may not be scientifically accurate.

It's a pretty shocking revelation, I know, but YouTube user Beatledude64 -- alias Stephen Magnet -- has the math to back it up. For a physics class project, young Beatledude was assigned to examine a movie or TV show to find something that was impossible within the laws of physics, and he chose three key scenes from My Little Pony. It might sound like a total killjoy, but after introducing everything with "So I watch this show for little girls," he launches into a presentation that's both informative and entertaining.

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I myself am definitely not a physicist, but there definitely seems to be some good work here. For one, I'm glad that everything in this video follows from the undeniable scientific fact that MLP is sextuple awesome. I will say, though, that while his theory about Applejack being composed of super-dense Dark Matter is intriguing, it's pretty obvious that an Earth Pony who harvests apples by kicking trees would of course be more dense than a Pegasus who can easily fly around and nap on clouds.

Of course, that reduced mass also lends credence to his hypothesis that Rainbow Dash couldn't withstand the 11.1 Gs necessary to obtain the necessary speed for the Sonic Rainboom.

But of course, since the closing of the presentation also allows for the fact that this is a universe in which unicorn horns can perform telekinesis and the seasons have to be changed manually while singing songs, our familiar laws of physics just might not apply.

According to the description of the video on YouTube, Beatledude64 got a perfect score on his presentation, and deservedly so. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that with the hard work he put in, he could've easily made his grade point average about 20 percent cooler.

[via Clint Hagen and EquestriaDaily]

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