A lot of great artists out there like Eiko-Chan do their own thing while pulling off some of the same fun tricks that Dustin Nguyen integrates into his comics work. Ultimately, however, there is only one Dustin Nguyen, and whether you're looking at his published Batman work or the commissions he churns out during convention season, you know that he gets what physical attitude is all about.

One watercolored sketch of Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Harley Quinn from Nguyen's deviantART account showcases this talent better than the rest, because you can see how each of the three of the Bat-verse ladies has something distinct on their mind. Their eyes and their body language show it, thanks to Nguyen's attention to detail, and whether he's drawing full-size or pint-size versions of his characters, he always seems to have an emotion in mind.

And speaking of his smaller figures, if DC decides to put him on a Damian Wayne Robin solo series, it wouldn't be a bad call, since his shorty Robin measures in at almost the right height as is. Feast your eyes on that and some other highlights below.