Between them, writer John Ostrander and artist Jan Duursema have done some amazing comics work. Ostrander is best known as the creator of Suicide Squad and co-creator of Oracle with his late wife Kim Yale; Duursema has artist and writer credits ranging from Sgt.. Rock to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Together, they've worked on a Hawkman series, the old Star Wars Expanded Universe, and more besides.

Now they've teaming up again and have turned to Kickstarter to fund original graphic novel Hexer Dusk, a 72-page full color book written by Ostrander from an idea by Duursema, illustrated by Duursema. The book is in the final stretch of its campaign, but there's still time to get on board.

The big concept of the book is outlined as follows: The Obsidian Galaxy is in turmoil. The floating Sky Cities have destroyed each other, leaving a dimensional void through which monsters known as the Weird can enter, searching for bodies to inhabit. The only ones who can oppose them are magic-using warriors called Hexers, but only a few of them are left, including former soldier Xane Dusk.

The preview art for this looks great; Duursema's talent for spaceships and space opera is tough to beat, and the story she's telling with Ostrander looks like just the thing for fans of their Star Wars work and fans of space Westerns in general. Or fans of both! (Like me.)


From Hexer Dusk. Jan Duursema.
A Kombot from Hexer Dusk. Design by Jan Duursema.
Jan Duursema
A Skulbat from Hexer Dusk. Design by Jan Duursema.


Hexer Dusk is funding on Kickstarter until June 13th. Rewards range from advance PDFs of the book to the opportunity to be drawn in as a background character.