Another week, another exciting Instagram update from our crazy-busy, impossibly charming and totally ripped pal Dwayne Johnson. Despite his increasingly crowded schedule, it looks like Johnson may have finally found some time to devote to Shane Black’s long-developing Doc Savage movie — thus confirming our suspicions that The Rock may actually be an advanced A.I. that requires no sleep.

Black has been working on a Doc Savage movie for years, based on the classic pulp novels which follow the eponymous hero on a series of adventures. An intrepid explorer and scientist, the character is also pretty much great at everything — and hey, doesn’t that kind of sound like Dwayne Johnson?

Shane Black thinks so, too, which is why the director has wanted Johnson for the project for quite some time. Back in March, Black said it was a matter of the actor / producer / wrestler / professional bicep owner finding some time in his crazy schedule. If you follow Johnson on Instagram, you know just how busy he is, but his latest post indicates that he’s found some time to finally work on Doc Savage:

In a post explaining his makeshift work space, Johnson just casually mentions that he’s reading an outline for a “cool movie” he’s going to make with Shane Black in 2017. Black’s next project is The Predator, which begins filming this fall and hits theaters next year — it can’t be that project, since Johnson’s 2016 schedule is already set with Baywatch, Fast 8 and Jumanji.

So that leaves Doc Savage, and if Johnson is right — and we really, really hope he is — then we‘re about to see a surge in Shane Black movies. The Nice Guys hits theaters this month, followed by The Predator next year, and then maybe, possibly, hopefully Doc Savage in 2018. That’s three Shane Black films in three years. What a time to be alive.

Of course, nothing is officially official until contracts have been signed and there’s a more formal announcement, but The Rock is a pretty reliable source for news, so we’ll take his word for it.

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