Chaos Comics may have closed its doors back in 2002, but its properties will soon find new life via the acquisition powers of Dynamite Entertainment.

Dynamite's the proud new owner of Chaos!'s entire stable of characters like Evil Ernie, Chastity, Purgatori, Jade, Lady Demon and others (except for prominent former Chaos! star Lady Death, who is now owned by Avatar Press).

Here's what Dynamite had to say about its freshly-acquired Chaos! content in its official press release:

Chaos! featured such prominent writers such as Peter (Incredible Hulk) David, Brian (Lady Death) Pulido, Alan (Watchmen) Moore and Christopher (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Golden, and artists such as Jae (Dark Tower) Lee, Greg (X-Force/Spawn) Capullo, Mike (Dark Avengers/Secret Avengers) Deodato, Art (Ultimate X) Adams, Boris (Conan the Barbarian) Vallejo, Steven (Lady Death) Hughes, Adam (Wonder Woman) Hughes, Joseph (Dawn) Michael Linsner, Berni Wrightson and many more.

Having grown up during the Chaos! heyday in the '90s, I wasn't aware that cats like Moore contributed to their mythos. Honestly, I mostly remember Chaos! characters as the reason my mom wouldn't allow me to buy certain issues of "Wizard" in the fourth grade. Dynamite hasn't released any specific publishing details about recollecting the Chaos! library just yet (or possibly even publishing new material), but provided something manifests soon, I'd be willing to at least confirm my concerned parents' suspicions about the line's content.[Via Dynamite Entertainment]

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