Each week in January, Dynamite Entertainment will unleash a burst of cuteness upon the world.

The Li'l Dynamites series of one-shots takes five series -- Battlestar Galactica, Vampirella, Bionic Man, Evil Ernie and Red Sonja -- and makes them adorable.

Roger Langridge, whose all-ages series Snarked! won an Eisner, will handle writing and art on Li'l Ernie. Art Baltazar and Franco will take on Li'l Battlestar Galactica; Eric Trautmann and Agnes Garbowska will write and draw Li'l Vampi, respectively; Brandon Jerwa and Ian McGinty are the team on Li'l Bionic Kids, and Li'l Sonja will be by Jim Zubkavich and Joel Carroll.

Each issue will have two covers, a regular, interlocking one by Baltazar and a special subscribers-only cover by Garbowska.

Here's what Langridge had to say about the event, via a Dynamite press release:

It's great to see Dynamite making an effort to expand its audience with a roster of kids' comics.  I'm delighted to be involved with any effort to reach younger readers - and, of course, I'm using my command of the craft and my sense of humor to try to appeal to older readers at the same time.

You can check out cover art for the line below.