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Brian Shearer's 'William The Last' Hits Its Peak [Back Pages]
For the last two years, comics artist and writer Brian Shearer has been telling the grand tale of William the Last as a webcomic, the story of a young orphan boy who lives on a small island with only his grandfather for company. But when he finds himself all alone, William starts climbing the huge m…
Raina Telgemeier Announces New Graphic Novel 'Ghosts'
Raina Telgemeier, the biggest name in comics today, made a major announcement at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend --- her next project will be a graphic novel called Ghosts, scheduled for release by Scholastic Graphix in 2016.

Ghosts will be Telgemeier's second major work of original fict…
Jamie Smart Announces 'Superhero Bunny League'
Cartoonist Jamie Smart, best known for his work in The Phoenix Magazine and the ongoing series Whubble, improved the comics industry forever yesterday by announcing a new comic series called Superhero Bunny League. It's about a world much like our own, only a giant laser blast from evil Dr Fuzz…
Dark Horse To Expand Further Into All Ages Market in 2015
Dark Horse Comics have announced a renewed strategy to expand the number of all-ages graphic novels they publish, with a concentrated push into the market for 2015 with the launch of four new titles: Rexodus, The Courageous Princess, Veda: Assembly Required, and The Return of the Gremlins.
Dynamite announces 'Li'l Dynamites' One-Shots
Each week in January, Dynamite Entertainment will unleash a burst of cuteness upon the world.
The Li'l Dynamites series of one-shots takes five series -- Battlestar Galactica, Vampirella, Bionic Man, Evil Ernie and Red Sonja -- and makes them adorable.