Cartoonist Jamie Smart, best known for his work in The Phoenix Magazine and the ongoing series Whubble, improved the comics industry forever yesterday by announcing a new comic series called Superhero Bunny League. It's about a world much like our own, only a giant laser blast from evil Dr Fuzzleglove has given every single bunny rabbit in the world a set of miraculous superpowers.




Objective reporting? Oh no, not when there's a comic called Superhero Bunny League out there now! And one of the characters is called Handsome Steve, too! This is all completely blatant pandering and I totally allow it to continue. Two issues have been announced so far, titled, "Superhero Bunny League Save the World" and, "Superhero Bunny League... in Space!"

The comics will be collected and published by Oxford University Press, in one of their rare ventures into comics. Smart has been working on a variety of all-ages projects over the last few years and has built up a huge audience with comics like Bunny Vs Monkey and the digital anthology webcomic Moose Kid Comics. He's an obvious choice to head up comics aimed at younger readers, and already has vast experience in the field of creating incredible superhero characters:




From the description offered by Oxford University Press:


Meet the rabbits who eat carrots, fight robots and save the world, it's the Superhero Bunny League! A laser, set off by the villainous Dr Fuzzleglove, gives all of the rabbits in the world superpowers. There's Handsome Steve who is super-strong, Derek who is enormous and Windy who can fly ... and then there's Stumpy, who isn't sure what his superpower is yet. When Dr Fuzzleglove and his robots attack, the bunnies must work together to defeat him! With a lovable cast of crazy bunnies, this is a superhero comic like no other.


The two issues will be part of OUP's 'Reading Tree' scheme, which helps children to learn to read by matching books to ability.

There will also be farting, in case you were worried about that.

It's always been obvious that comics are a perfect bridge for new readers, leading them into storytelling in a way which guides them through the text even if they can't grasp all the words of each panel - and it's always a joy to see people trying out projects such as this one. Speculating on other comments made by Smart on Twitter today, it looks as though this is just the first of many comics which'll be announced over the next few days.

Superhero Bunny League will be published this September.

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