Bunnies! Do you love them? Of course you do --- why would you even bother going on the internet if you weren't hoping to see some new bunnies on here somewhere?

The good news for all us fans of rabbits is that the world of comics will imminently meet once more with the world of bunnies, following the announcement of a new graphic novel from cartoonist Kean Soo. Soo released a trailer this week for his latest book, March Grand Prix, and we're lighting the bunny alert signal here at ComicsAlliance.

The first book in a three book series will be released on August 1 through publishers Capstone, but even before that, readers can pick up an advance previews of rabbit-racing action as part of Free Comic Book Day on May 2.



An all-ages story of anthropomorphic derby racing of a kind not seen since Diddy Kong and his terrifying friends decided to race back in the good ol' days of the N64, this is Soo's follow-up to the much-acclaimed (and Eisner-nominated) series Jellaby. Following lead character March Hare, this new all-ages story sees him go from street-racing to the speedway and ultimately into a massive racing tournament held in the desert where everything is at stake.

August's graphic novel is the first part of a trilogy for March Hare; subsequent chapters see the character slowly move up in the world of animal racing and, over time, acquire a bandanna, as is the wont of rebellious rabbits. This looks like it'll be a fun one!



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