Dynamite declared today “Dynamite Day 2016,” announcing several new comics featuring some of its best-known licenses. The four new titles celebrate anniversaries, collect some spectacular art, and in one case endorses a new presidential candidate who, in all honesty, seems like a pretty fair shout right now.

The biggest announcement is perhaps the new Battlestar Galactica series, written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Alex Sanchez, set during the time of the original series. The book marks Bunn’s first ongoing series with Dynamite, while Sanchez was seen recently on books like Katana over at DC.

In the press release for the series Sanchez talks about his love for the original designs from Ralph McQuarrie, which will be prominently displayed in the new book. Battlestar Galactica #1 is scheduled for August, with variant covers from Butch Guice, Juan Doe, and one of those ‘action figure’ styled-variants everyone loves so much courtesy of Michael Adams.




Tying in to the current neverending American Election will be Army of Darkness: Ash for President, a one-shot from Elliott Serrano and Diego Galindo. This is a spiritual follow-up to Serrano’s previous miniseries Ash Saves Obama, and will run at 48 pages for $5.99.

The story sees Ash teaming up with an attractive psychic to help foil a prophecy from the Necronomicon that involves… well yeah, it’s the plot of basically every Evil Dead story, but essentially the main bit is that he has to enter the presidential race in order to save the day. I imagine much fun will be made of the current presidential candidates along the way. The one-shot is also scheduled for August.




Evil Ernie: Godeater sees the debut of Justin Jordan at Dynamite, in what seems like a strong match of creative to concept. Jordan is joined by Colton Worley for this miniseries, which marks the 25th anniversary of the character’s creation. Part of the comedic horror Chaos Comics brand, Evil Ernie has been a mainstay at Dynamite, returning at least once a year for new stories. Jordan notes in the press release; “The original Evil Ernie series was one of the very first comics I saw that wasn't about superheroes and wasn't intended for an all-ages audience, and it changed how I look at comics.”

The final announcement of the day is an “Art of the Shadow” hardcover collecting black and white cover-work from artists including Alex Ross, Howard Chaykin, Matt Wagner, John Cassaday, Francesco Francavilla, Tim Bradstreet and many more. Anybody who has done a cover for The Shadow since Dynamite started publishing the character in 2012 will be in this huge collection, which also includes a foreword from Michael Uslan. Scheduled to come out at the end of August, this will be 300+ pages, collected in hardback.



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