What happens when you combine the comedic genius of Chris Hastings' "The Adventures of Dr. McNinja" with that of Anthony Clark's "Nedroid?"

The absolute greatest RoboCop comic in the history of the Internet.

It's a story that explores contemporary television through the cyborged-out eyes of law enforcement's finest future cop with unsinkable fan service, making it a perfect edition to Dynamite Comics' current roster of "RoboCop" comics. So far, though, the creators have had little luck turning this dream into a reality.

Hastings explains it all at the Nedroid blog:

"Hello Nedroidians! Anthony has asked me to provide a bit of context for this comic that has nothing to do with the everlasting friendship of Reginald and the potato monster. It is simply this. I wanted to write some stupid Robocop comics, and then try to get them printed in the upcoming (not stupid) series by Dynamite comics. Carly Monardo, Alessandro Blasioli, and I sat around and made fun of Robocop in our living room for a while. Then I wrote a script. Then I asked Anthony to draw it, because he's great. We sent it off to the publisher saying we would like to make goofy Robocop comics for them, and this is an example. It has been a month with no response. So here you go!"

The write-in campaign begins now: Ask (politely) Dynamite Entertainment to give Hastings and Clark a chance and tell them ComicsAlliance sent you.

You can contact Dynamite here.

Do the right thing and more magic could eventually await your pull list.

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