From the character's earliest days at Warren Publishing more than 40 years ago, Vampirella's distinct brand of costumed monster-slaying has held a popular place in fandom somewhere between superhero and horror titles. Now, after years at Harris Publications (along with a false-start at Fangoria), Vampirella's found an official new home at Dynamite Entertainment.

Dynamite's officially acquired the Vampirella franchise from Harris, putting them at the helm of the character's ongoing adventures as well as merchandising rights. Both Dynamite president Nick Barrucci and Harris Publications president Stanley Harris seem keen on the deal. Here's what Barrucci had to say in the publisher's official press release:

"Vampirella is one of the most well known and longest running comic characters in the history of the business. Outside of Marvel and DC characters, very few comics characters that debuted in the 60's still resonate with fans today. Our acquisition of this iconic brand is another step in Dynamite's exciting growth and builds on the ongoing success of our line."

It's still unknown what the acquisition could mean in terms of recollecting previously published material or even launching a new series - and most importantly, whether Vampirella's alien origins or more domestic demon heritage will be retained.

Personally I wouldn't mind a relaunch rooted in Draculon lore, but I'll leave it to Dynamite to make the call.
[Via Dynamite Entertainment]

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